1. What is inside the kits?

Spicecraft Meal Kits and Spice Kits contain all the dry ingredients you need to cook a traditional Butter Chicken from scratch, a shopping list for fresh ingredients and instructions on how to cook it all.

In the Spice Kit you get 4 colour coded sachets containing a combination of 13 herbs and spices pre-portioned for the Butter Chicken recipe.

The Meal Kit has the 4 sachets, plus raw Basmati Rice, a small jar of saffron and a Mango Rose Lassi Mix.

2. What is not inside the kits?

You will not find any nasties in Spicecraft kits.

That means

No artificial flavours

No artificial colours

No preservatives

Gluten and Nut free


1. Where do the ingredients come from?

Different spices and ingredients come from different parts of the world depending on where they grow best.

We source whole or ground spices, then roast grind and blend them into mixes here in Sydney.

Our Saffron is from Iran. Sargol Grade 1 saffron is the deepest coloured part of the stamen of the crocus flower, packed with flavour and fragrance. It is considered to be the most expensive spice in the world, more expensive than even gold.

Our cardamom is sourced from the hills of Kerela in India. Once of only two regions in the world with the right terroir to grow top quality cardamom.

The Basmati rice in the Meal Kits is the premium 1121 long grain variety that is grown in Northern India. The rice is additionally aged for upto 2 year for better flavour and aroma.

As Australian soil and climate is not conducive to growing spices, most of our spices come from highly trusted overseas producers. We do use Australian produce when possible including CSR sugar in the Mango Lassi Mix and Australian garlic in the spice blends.

2. I am allergic to nuts, gluten, preservatives.

No problem at all. Spicecraft kits are entirely nut free, gluten free and preservative free.

3. I am allergic to garlic, tomatoes and chilli.

The spice blends do contain garlic and chilli. It is impossible to make Butter Chicken without tomatoes. If the above ingredients do not agree with you, unfortunately these kits are not suitable.

4. Do you use any animal products?

No. Spicecraft kits are entirely vegan. There are no animal products in the kits.


1. How long does it take?

Just the Butter Chicken takes around 45-60 mins. Add another 15-20 mins for the Rice and Lassi.

2. How long should I marinade the chicken?

At least 15 minutes, but overnight is best.

3. Can I make it milder?

The best thing about cooking from scratch is that you can adjust things to your preference. As this is the traditional Indian recipe, it may feel a bit spicy to some.

To make it milder cook everything as per recipe, then add a dollop of cream or yogurt to individual serves for those who prefer it milder.

4. My Butter Chicken does not taste like what I tried at your stand. Why?

Try the following tips

  1. If the sauce feels too thin, cook for another 15-20 mins until it reduces down to a thick creamy consistency. The longer you cook, the richer it gets.
  2. Be sure to use light thickened cream (not full cream or light cream). This gives the correct balance of flavour and consistency.
  3. There is no substitute for tomato paste. Avoid using tomato puree, tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes or passata.
  4. If you have the time, cook the day before. Butter Chicken always tastes better the next day.
  5. Add a dash of salt to lift the flavours.
  6. In case you are still not happy with the results, contact us for a chat. We are always happy to help.
5. Can I make it vegetarian or vegan?

Of course. Indian food is great for vegetarians and vegans. In fact Paneer Makhani is the official vegetarian version using paneer (cottage cheese) instead of animal protein.

Vegans can substitute light coconut cream for the dairy. Roasted cauliflower, baby potatoes and mushroom make an excellent alternative to the chicken.

The recipe booklet in the mealkit includes handy tips on adapting the instructions for vegan and vegetarian versions.

6. I’ve lost my recipe book.

No problem. Drop us a line and we’ll fix it up for you.


1. I’m having trouble logging into my account

We recently made some significant changes to our site. If you are unable to log in, please request for a new password using the ‘forgot password’ link.

2. I’m locked out of my account after trying 3 times. Help!

Please get in touch with us and we’ll help


1. How long DO the spices last?

The spices will easily keep for 12-24 months in your pantry.

2. Do they need to be in the fridge?

No need for refrigeration. Store the kits away from sunlight, in a cool dry place.

3. My spices seem to have hardened into lumps. Can I still use them?

Yes, just crush them back into powder form and use them as normal.

As we do not use any anti-caking agents, the spices sometimes harden due to the hygroscopic nature of powdered garlic which is very quick to absorb moisture in the air. This has no impact on the quality of the cooked dish.

So long as the kits are stored in a cool dry place, they are fine to use.


1. Where do you deliver?

We deliver across Australia.

Due to import and freight restrictions, it can be difficult to ship overseas. But contact us and we’ll let you know.

2. I did not receive my item.

Courier companies are one of the most critical and most challenging aspects of running an online store. Please let us know if your delivery does not reach in time. We are usually able to track it down.

3. Returns policy

If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, please contact us within 14 days of purchase. We will offer a refund or replacement if we are not able to resolve the issue to mutual satisfaction.

4. How much is the Shipping cost

$9 for orders under 500g (4 spice kits for example, or 1 meal kit). $13 for orders over 500g.
Free shipping on all orders valued at $79 or more.

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