5 easy tips to fix a salty curry

In Indian cooking, like in most cuisines, salt is the most critical of all spices. Not only does it add that essential savoury element to a dish, but it enhances the intensity of all the other flavours as it goes. A tiny pinch of salt will make your brownies taste sweeter. And who can deny the magical effects of salted caramel!

But nothing will ruin a curry more thoroughly than too much salt. Happens to the best of us. Never fear, here are five easy tips to help save a salty curry.

  • Sliced raw potatoes. Peel and slice one large potato and add it to your curry. Leave it in for 20 mins. Discard potato before serving. The potatoes absorb salt and water from the sauce and you are good to go. You may need to top up the water lost in the potato.

  • Lemon or vinegar. A dash of acidity can help offset the saltiness. Tread lightly though, adding a little bit at a time and tasting as you go. Sour yogurt will also work in the same way. This will change the flavour profile of your curry though hopefully not in a bad way.

  • Double up. If you have the time, make another portion without salt and mix with the original so the excess salt is distributed through more sauce.

  • Dairy Cream or Plain Yogurt. Fat from the cream will smooth out the saltiness. It will also weaken other spices, so you may need to top them up. Taste, taste, taste.

  • Raw Onion. Slice an onion in half and leave it in for 15 minutes. Like a potato, onion will absorb the salt. Remove and discard onion before serving.

Give these tips a try next time there’s a salty accident is the kitchen.

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