Around this time five years ago, Vikram and I were shipping out our very first cooking kits from our lounge room. Curry Delights, as the we were then called, had just raised the grand sum of five thousand dollars on Kickstarter. We were in business.

We’ve come a long way since and it has been wonderful to have so many of our original backers still a part of the Spicecraft journey.   

The business name and concept changed along the way, but the original vision of helping people create beautiful Indian food remains the heart of our story.

The original idea of Curry Delights was a subscription service where you would receive a different cooking kit every month. Each kit featured a different food region of India. It came with all the cooking ingredients and recipes to cook a three course feast for 6. 

Our subscribers loved the excitement of discovering new flavours and cooking techniques every month, and we had a most wonderful time researching and testing recipes from all across the subcontinent. 

Here’s a video from the half way point of our fundraiser.  

Vikram and I had been playing with the idea of Indian cooking kits for quite a while. It was inspired by all the times our friends spoke of their struggles with authentic Indian cooking. 

It felt strange and exhilarating to finally put the idea to test in public for the very first time.

The Kickstarter turned out to be the perfect way to test the proof of concept. The original subscription boxes evolved into the existing Meal Kit format over multiple iterations. Each time we listened to our customers, figuring our what worked and what didn’t.

Looking back today, it feels like we’ve come a long way. Yet, there remains a long way still to go.