Our story

You know how cooking good Indian food at home can be quite challenging? Complex recipes, hard to find and expensive ingredients, jars and pastes often laced with preservative. 

After all, good Indian food is all about the right combination of spices, age old recipes and happy evenings in with friends and family.

At SpiceCraft we are passionate about creating delicious, authentic Indian flavours using top quality ingredients. Our vision is to make it really easy to cook gourmet, restaurant quality Indian food at home. 

Sadly the range of ready-made curry jars and pastes currently available is just not good enough. No matter how hard we tried, we could never find any options for the home cook wanting to make authentic, delicious Indian food easily and without specialist equipment. 

SpiceCraft was our answer to this problem.

SpiceCraft started last year in the form of Curry Delights - a monthly subscription kit showcasing regional Indian food. Every month subscribers received a different menu with pre-portioned ingredients and recipes that they could use to cook up a regional Indian feast.

While subscribers loved their monthly Curry Delights kits, it turned out most Australians just wanted their beloved Butter Chicken. In response, we changed from varying monthly kits to the always available SpiceCraft range of kits.

Obviously the first kit had to be a Butter Chicken feast. 

The Butter Chicken recipe is sourced from the restaurant that invented this dish. All spices  and ingredients are top quality, and exactly the ones you need to create the perfectly balanced meal. The instructions are fun and easy to follow for great results every single time. 

Try one yourself or get a beautifully packaged kit for the foodie in your life. 


Ambika and Vikram at Top Ryde Pop up

Design philosophy

SpiceCraft kits are designed to cook authentic, restaurant-quality Indian food at home by providing a shopping list of fresh ingredients and high-quality Indian spices, packaged up in a digestible and fun format.

We asked the designers at Jam & Co to to work on a style that would reflect "the joy of cooking as a shared experience". 

The final artwork was inspired by Indian mandala designs and wood print blocks. The logo is crafted typography housed in a box shape, representing the delivery gift box consumers receive. 

SpiceCraft block print


The fabric print on the outside sleeve is taken from real silk sari borders, and the specially designed gold mandala print adds to a rich and elegant feel. 

The theme continues once the kit is opened. Spices are packed in matte finished airtight pouches for long lasting freshness, while the saffron comes in it's own gorgeous little golden pouch. Everything is packed in the perfect combination of form and function.



Meet our people

Cook, Laugh, Eat

Whether you want a light-hearted family lunch, or a Butter Chicken for an event or celebration, get ready to make something truly special and utterly irresistible.