This is Indian food which takes the best of subcontinental cuisine, and makes it accessible and easy without losing what makes it special. These aren’t curries designed to blow the roof of your mouth off - we are interested in spiced food, not spicy food, and want you to experience the subtle and fascinating interplay of flavours that makes Indian curries such as Butter Chicken so delicious.

Butter Chicken is now one of the most popular dishes in the world, and can be found at every Indian restaurant. The recipe is based on traditional Punjabi cooking, but the dish we know and love today was invented in the 1940’s in Delhi, at the famed Moti Mahal restaurant. The chef there was looking for inventive and resourceful ways of using up leftover grilled chicken, and cooked it in a buttery, tomato based sauce that was an instant hit with customers. A classic was born!

At SpiceCraft we managed to source the original recipe, along with top quality, authentic ingredients so you too can replicate a perfectly balanced, restaurant quality Indian meal in your own kitchen.