"Butter Chicken the way it is meant to be"


Make a sensational Butter Chicken Feast from scratch

Cook with the original Butter Chicken recipe from the restaurant that invented it and finest quality pre-portioned ingredients. Easy and delicious.


Cooking kitS

The Meal kit contains 13 herbs and spices for the Butter Chicken, premium Basmati Rice and Persian Saffron, and a luxurious Mango Rose Cardamom Lassi mix on the side.

6 generous serves

Each kit makes 6 serves. Not cooking for 6? Great for freezing. Tastes even better the next time.

Finest ingredients

Only the best ingredients make it into the kits. No artificial flavors, colours or preservatives. Kits are gluten free and nut free.

Traditional Recipes

Original Butter chicken recipe from the restaurant that invented it. Organised into easy steps.

Australian Made

Whole spices and ingredients come from around the world, then crushed and blended here in Sydney at HACAAP certified partner facility.

How it works

Inside the Kit

All the dry ingredients for an Indian feast – 13 herbs and spices for the Butter Chicken, Aged Basmati Rice, Persian Saffron, Mango Rose Lassi Mix and the recipe booklet.

Recipe and Shopping

Recipe book filled with stories and photos to guide you along. Plus shopping list for fresh ingredients like Chicken, cream, tomato paste, honey. Includes vegan and vegetarian options.

Get Cooking

This is a fun cooking experience for the whole family. Add, mix, taste, smell, cook and create. It does take time as you are making everything from scratch. Cooking time: 60 mins. Serves: 6 


From our amazing customers

SO What Makes Spicecraft Butter Chicken special?

recipe, quality of ingredients and time

Indian cooking can sometimes feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

All you need is a tried and tested recipe, good quality ingredients and lots of love. 

With Spicecraft you get the original recipe from the Delhi restaurant that first came up with this beloved dish all those years ago. Read the full story

As different spices cook differently, cooking technique is just as important as the quality of spices. Inside the kits you will find 13 herbs and spices split across 4 separate spice mixes that go in at different stages. So you build build layers of complex flavour as you go.

Everything is perfectly portioned and colour coded so you can’t go wrong.

Now it does take time to cook as you are making everything from scratch. About 45 mins for just the Butter Chicken, or 60 mins if you are making the complete meal.  

Look inside a Butter Chicken Spice Kit 


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Top 5 FAQs


How can I make the Butter Chicken less spicy?

The best thing about cooking from scratch is that you can adjust things to your preference. As this is the unmodified version of the original Indian recipe, it can feel a bit spicier than usual.

To make a milder sauce, cook everything as per recipe, then at the very end add a dollop of cream or yogurt to individual serves for those who prefer it less spicy.


Can I make it vegetarian or vegan?

Of course. Indian food is great for vegetarians and vegans. In fact Paneer Makhani is the official vegetarian version of Butter Chicken made with paneer (cottage cheese) instead of animal protein.

Vegans can substitute light coconut cream for the dairy. Roasted cauliflower, baby potatoes and mushroom make an excellent veggie alternative to the chicken.

The recipe booklet in the Meal Kit includes handy tips on adapting the instructions for vegan and vegetarian versions.


My spices seem to have hardened into lumps. Can I still use them?

Yes you can use them. Just crush the lumpy bits back into powder, or mix with some water to make a paste and use as normal.

As we do not use harmful additives or anti-caking agents like E341 or E551, the spice mixes naturally become lumpy due to the hygroscopic nature of the garlic powder in them. This has no affect on the flavour or quality of the cooked dish as long as the sachets remain unopened and stored in a cool, dark place.


Why is this Butter Chicken the 'way it is meant to be'?

Butter Chicken was first invented 70 years ago by the chefs at Moti Mahal, a restaurant in Old Delhi. At Spicecraft we've recreated the exact same flavours by using the original Butter Chicken recipe and the correct traditional spices.

The Butter Chicken kit is all about striking the right balance between authenticity and ease of cooking. While the process is more involved than your typical supermarket jar, you'll find the results are absolutely worth the effort.


How do you make the spice mixes?

Different spices and ingredients come from different parts of the world depending on where they grow best.

We source whole or ground spices, then roast grind and blend them into mixes here in Sydney.

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Spicecraft is a family owned business based in Ryde NSW. We take great pride in brining you the most authentic and flavoursome Indian cooking kits.

Spicecraft kits are made with finest quality ingredients, ethically sourced and whenever possible, sustainably packed.

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Gluten and nut free. Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

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