There are two SpiceCraft kits - Classic and The Works. Both kits come with ingredients to cook Butter Chicken and Saffron Rice. The Works kit includes additional ingredients to make Raita, Poppadums, Roti bread and Indian Pickle.
Each kit contains a beautifully designed recipe book with a shopping list for fresh and pantry items and step by step instructions to create a complete meal to serve four.
There are many different ways to cook Butter Chicken. The recipe we use is sourced from the Delhi restaurant that originally invented this wonderful dish. We've made sure to provide you with all the authentic ingredients, pre-portioned for convenience. You will never go back to off-the-shelf jars and pastes again.
We've partnered with local and overseas suppliers to bring you quality ingredients for best results. The saffron is 100% pure grade 1 saffron sourced from a Persian supplier. The spices in the sauce mixes are locally ground and roasted for freshness and flavour. Roti bread partner is Melbourne based and supplies rotis and wraps to stores all around Australia.



Both kits cook four serves. The Classic kit is a smaller spread - Butter Chicken and Saffron Rice. The Works kit is for when you want to make a full Indian meal - Butter Chicken and Saffron Rice plus Boondi Raita, Poppadums, Roti bread and Indian pickle. You would easily pay over $100 at a decent restaurant for this feast for four.

Each kit is designed to make four generous serves. The chicken tastes even better the next day, so don't worry if you end up with leftovers.

No, we give you a small shopping list for the fresh ingredients and pantry items. This means the kits have a longer shelf life and don't need any special storage.

Classic: 30 mins prep. 45 mins cooking.
The Works: 30 mins prep. 60 mins cooking.
Actual time depends on your cooking style, and if you have others helping.

Anyone can create a feast with SpiceCraft kits. Only difference is the cooking time. It takes less time if you are comfortable multi-tasking in the kitchen, and a bit longer if you prefer to go one step at a time. The result in any case is great tasting food.

SpiceCraft kits are a great way to get kids and teens into cooking. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and don't need any special skills or equipment. The delicious results make it all well worth the effort.



All packaging material is food grade and fully recyclable. The plastic ziplock pouches are perfect to wash and reuse. And you wouldn't want part with the trendy kraft boxes.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Most items in the kit have a shelf life of one year. Only exceptions are the Roti bread (3 months) and Indian pickle (6 months).



Flat rate of $9/kit anywhere in Australia. Combined shipping if you order multiple kits.

Not at the moment. Stay tuned.

At SpiceCraft, our sole measure of success is how much you loved the food. This is backed by our no questions asked money back return policy. If you are unhappy for any reason at all, just send the kit back for a 100% refund, less shipping.