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1. What is in the kit?

Inside Spicecraft kits you will find quality dry ingredients and recipes to cook authentic Indian food from scratch. For Example the Butter Chicken Meal Kit contains 5 different spice packs to make your Butter Chicken, a pack of aged Basmati rice, a pinch of grade 1 Persian saffron and a pack of dry poppadums to make a complete Indian feast for 6 guests.

2. What is so special about the SpiceCraft Butter Chicken recipe?

With Spicecraft you can make Butter Chicken the way it is meant to be.

The recipe comes straight from Moti Mahal, a Delhi restaurant that originally invented this wonderful dish 70 years ago.

But just the recipe is not good enough. You also need the correct spices in the right proportions. The traditional recipe calls for 13 different herbs and spices.  

In your kit you will find the a set of 4 pre-portioned spice mixes that go into making your Butter Chicken. All you have to do is follow the easy steps, colour coded for convenience.

3. Why have the spice mixes in 4 separate sachets?

The robust spices go in early, while the herbs and aromatics go in later. Different spices need to cook for different times develop fully. This helps build the complex layers of flavour unique to an authentic Butter Chicken. 

 4. Tell me about the ingredients

Only the best quality, authentic ingredients make it into into Spicecraft kits. For example the 100% grade 1 saffron comes from a small family farm in Iran that also supplies it to the top restaurants in Australia. Learn more about the ingredients.  

5. What about preservatives?

Spicecraft Kits contain no added preservatives or any artificial flavours or colours.  

6. Are the kits gluten free?

Yes, all Spicecraft products are gluten free. However they are processed on equipment that may be used for other products containing gluten which may lead to cross contamination.



1. What is the difference between the Meal Kit  and Spice Kit?

Both kits cook six serves or about 1.5 kilos of Butter Chicken.

If you want to serve an Indian feast for 6 (or two feasts for 3), the Meal kit has you covered. Aged Basmati Rice and Persian Saffron for Saffron Rice, Boondi Pearls for a yogurt Raita and a stack of Poppadums will have everyone licking their fingers. 

If you  have your own rice or naan bread, the Spice Kit is perfect. 

2. Does the Butter Chicken freeze well?

Cooked Butter Chicken will keep for 3 days in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer. So if you're not cooking for 6, you can get multiple meals. 

In fact the curry tastes better the next time as all the flavours get to develop to the fullest.

3. Can the kits be used for vegetarian and vegan meals?


Spicecraft kits contain no meat or dairy products. So you can use the spices to cook with your choice of protein.

Vegetarian customers love the Paneer Butter Masala made with Indian cottage cheese (available in Coles or Woolies).

For the vegan option, you can't go wrong with roasted Cauliflower in spiced Coconut sauce. Yum! 

4. How long does it take to cook? 

It does take time to cook the Butter Chicken as you're making it from scratch, but the results are so worth the effort. It takes about forty five mins for just the Butter Chicken, and an hour fifteen for the entire meal.

5. Can I involve the kids? 

For many Spicecraft customers, cooking Butter Chicken is now a regular family tradition with everyone chipping in.

The recipe book is laid out like a Lego set with easy colour coded instructions. Younger kids can help with mixing and marinading, while kitchen confident older ones can cook the entire thing with some supervision.   


6. How spicy is it? Some of us don't like it too hot.


It is quite full flavoured, if you like medium-spicy food, you will love this.

If you prefer it milder, make it as per the recipe then add in a dollop of cream just before serving. The cream will help regulate the heat. Mix it into individual portions as needed.

This way everyone at the table can enjoy the food according to their own preferences.



1. Store the kits in a cool, dry place. No need to refrigerate.

2. My spices look a bit lumpy. Is that okay? 

The spices are perfectly fine to use as long as they are within 12 months of manufacture. If they're lumpy, crush them into powder or make sure they dissolve fully into the sauce when cooking.



1. What is the shipping rate?

Flat rate of $9 per kit anywhere in Australia. Combined shipping if you order multiple kits.

2. Do you ship overseas?

Not at the moment. Stay tuned.

3. What if I'm not happy with the kit?

At SpiceCraft, we have one measure of success -  how much you loved the food. This is backed by our no questions asked money back return policy. If you are unhappy for any reason at all, just send the kit back for a 100% refund, less any shipping costs.